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Living in a French cultural environment, dealing with situations of daily life or integrating into university or professional life are the usual challenges faced by foreigners arriving in France; a good mastery of the French language will help in facing these challenges.

DELF and DALF are official examinations of the French Ministry of Education. They are intended for non-native speakers who wish to certify their level of French. These qualifications are internationally recognized and preparing for the exams can develop your skills in French.

• Levels:
o DELF A1: Beginner
o DELF A2: Elementary
o DELF B1: Intermediate
o DELF B2: Advanced
o DALF C1: Autonomous
o DALF C2: Mastery

DELF B2 level is required for enrollment in a French university.

• Preparation Course
Our DELF-DALF Preparation Course takes the form of individualized instruction. The courses are taught by teachers who are familiar with the requirements of the examinations. They have experience with the examination process and the evaluation of candidates, both written and oral.

Classes are held daily in parallel to the main course, and every Saturday morning and / or afternoon.  The courses are designed according to the needs of students, and are very systematic in their approach. Students will need to practice the specific kinds of tasks required in the DELF-DALF exams. It is not enough to have a good level of French to succeed; students must also prepare for the types of questions asked and become familiar with the evaluation scale.

• Simulation Exams
We hold regular exam simulations on Saturday mornings and / or afternoons.
For more information about tests, please contact us.

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